It is not beyond our power to create a world in which all children have access to a good education.


After 7 years of walking alongside the children of Masiphumelele we recognised the unique oppurtunity we had to walk with them alongside their education

In South Africa there is no such a thing as a non-fee paying education. Even in the over-stretched government schools which heavily subside school fees, access to uniforms, transport and extra curricular activities are major barriers to meaningful engagement in the journey of education.

Many times as we walk alongside the children in Isithembiso (children of promise) we recognise a particular opportunity to make a strategic impact on a child’s life through investing in their school fee’s, transport, or extra-curricular opportunities and we wanted to invite you to join us…

Our Values

There are many sponsorship and education programs out there, here is what makes out different

Relationally Engaged

We only accept applications for support from children that are already involved in one of our programs or have an existing relationship through our network of churches and clubs. Keeping things relational allows trust and investment to be present that make our support much more than simply financial.

Redefining a "Quality" Education

In many places in the world, ideas about education focus on prestige or acheiving socially defined ideas of sucess. We believe an education contributes to a child gaining the skills and access to the dreams they have and the potential God has given them, however that celebrated or uncelebrated in the society they live in.

Engaged Parents / Care Givers

We recognise that success in education is much more than access and willingness on the part of the child. We ensure their is an engaged parent or care giver involved and where we are unsure of the commitment, we ask for a fresh commitment to engaged alongside the student in their journey.

Positive Peer Group

Isithembiso has become a thriving positive community of children and young people. It is only in this kind of context that a child’s education can flourish and they can become whole people in all aspects of their lives.

A Cheer-on Team

When financial support is awarded to one of the children or young people, the isithembiso staff allocate at least one person to connect with the child and to attend supportive events like sports, plays, music performances to be there as an encouragement. Having people outside your family on your side makes a difference.

Relational Administration

Often Education funds unconciously create barriers for local people to access, understand or apply for the funding they might need. Our comittment is to make applications and access as easy as possible. Allowing applications in local languages rather than english and accepting applications through easy platforms like WhatsApp groups rather than complicated paper forms.

On-the-Ground Decisions with Oversight & Accountability

Rather than give away decisions to people gathered in a room far away, our decision team is all engaged on the ground here in Masiphumelele. A decision can only be made with a majority of the 4 people on our team. To ensure integrity, openness and accountability we invite our advisory group to look over the decisions yearly and give feedback.

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There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which is treats its children


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Isithembiso (Children of Promise) is part of All Nations Family, a Registered non-profit in both South Africa and the USA.